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 STARSkate and Competitive Skate 

Click here to register for STARSkate

The Crowfoot Skating Club offers a STARSkate and Competitive Skate Program for those skaters who are wishing to test and/or compete.

Welcome to STARSkate/Competitive Skate Registration:

  • Prior to registration in a Junior/Senior/Mixed(Open) program you must choose a coach and contact them to determine if they have space available and if so what days, type and number of lessons per week they can give your child. Group lessons and rates should be discussed with your coach. Please see the listing of Crowfoot Skating Club Coaches.
  • Skaters will pay for the ice cost at registration and then organize and pay for private lessons separately with the coach of their choice.
  • Please see the policies regarding music and volunteer commitments in the STARSkate program policies. If the Crowfoot Skating Club is your home club - there is a required volunteer commitment. Volunteer commitments are based on skater, not family.  If you have two skaters skating with our club, CSC requires you to complete two volunteer positions.
  • If you are interested in an executive positions on the Crowfoot Skating Club board please consider joining us and providing support to our skating community. Please contact a Board Member if you have any questions.
  • Our parent information meeting will be held the end of September 2018.  This is a mandatory meeting (a parent/guardian must attend).

Qualifications for STARSkate Ice Sessions

  • The qualifications for all freeskate ice sessions are based primarily on the skating test qualifications as well as the availability of the coaches’ times to provide lessons. 
  • Ice times are labeled as Junior, Senior, or Mixed (Open). For the Crowfoot Skating Club, Junior is STAR 1-4, and Senior STAR 1-5.  Due to head STARSkate coaches’ availability we will consider allowing a skater to skate on opposite ice, Please discuss with your coach early if you think you need to make use of this rule.

Click Here for further information on how to register or Click Here to Register for STARSkate. Remember to use the filter function to narrow your search for ice sessions.


Program Fees

  • Fees:

  • Ice Fees: 

    • A late registration fee of $25.00/session is applied after August 31st, 2018.  
    • For Ice Session Prices, see registration.
    • For Pick Up Fees, Click Here.
    • Please check with your coach before registering for any session. 
  • Coaching Fees:

    • Before you register, you must have a Professional Coach (see Crowfoot Skating Club Coaches).
    • Private lessons: Coaching is invoiced separately and is usually billed per skater/10-15 minute lesson. Coaches may charge additional fees. These fees may include, but are not limited to, test day coaching, semi-private lessons, music selection and CDs, choreography, stroking, dance partnering, competition coaching and competition expenses (including lost lesson fees, hotel, travel and food).  
    • Some ice sessions include stroking. Additional Stroking lessons may be invoiced by the coach providing the lesson.
    • The coach will invoice each skater for semi-private and private lessons.