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Junior Development Policies

All parents and skaters registered with the Crowfoot Skating Club must comply with the following:



  • Coaches, parents and skaters are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner at all times while at the arenas. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the arena or Skating Club.
  • Abusive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion.
  • Crowfoot Skating Club will not tolerate gossip, fighting or other negative behaviors.
  • The Crowfoot Skating Club has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying or other inappropriate behavior directed towards the coaches, parents, skaters or arena staff.
  • Complaints should be made in writing to the Executive of the Crowfoot Skating Club.


  • Coaches have authority over all skaters attending sessions on the ice and are empowered and expected to enforce the rules and maintain order in the arena.
  • All coaches will abide by the Skate Canada Coaches Code of Ethics at all times.
  • Whether moving about the ice or coaching from the side, coaches will attempt to maintain Good Traffic Behavior.


  • Keep heads up and aware of other skaters at all times.
  • Jumps are to be practiced on the perimeter of the ice and spins are to be practiced in the centre of the ice to maximize the flow of all sessions.
  • Look both directions before leaving the boards or entering the ice surface.
  • Skaters will get up and clear the ice quickly after a fall.
  • First Right of Way always goes to the skater performing their solo. If a skater wishes, they may wear the Club Vest to identify they are performing their solo.
  • Skaters in a lesson have the second right of way. Other skaters must allow the coach and skater room to work and must not disrupt a lesson.
  • Skaters are expected to be on time for all on and off ice sessions and to train throughout the entire session. Skaters are expected to make good use of the ice time provided to them and to not be a distraction to other skaters.
  • DO NOT stand or stop anywhere in the jump area. Move in and out of jump areas quickly. Exit jump areas closely along the boards. Do Not spin in the jump areas unless doing your program.
  • If stopping to stand, please do so only along the boards between the blue lines.


  • Skaters are to act in a courteous manner at all times. During busy sessions skaters are reminded to work within the available ice space without raising their voices to other skaters or coaches.
  • Unless requested by their coach, skaters must leave the ice when their session is finished.
  • Skaters will not bring food or gum on the ice.


  • Crowfoot Skating Club is not liable for personal injuries or loss of or damage to personal property. Each skater may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform your coach or your skater’s coach of any personal limitations you or your skater may have. If you have any doubt about your or your skater’s personal physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating in any activity

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