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What Level is my Skater?

The CanSkate program teaches skills that prepare skaters for popular Canadian sports like figure skating, hockey, ringette and speed skating, by working on the skaters’ balance, speed, control and agility. If your child has not registered in a CanSkate program previously please read the following to help determine what level to register your child in.

PreCanSkate: Includes children ages 3-5 who have not had significant time on the ice and are able to work in a group lesson format. 

Stage 1: Ages 5 to 10 and can work independently in a group lesson (children ages 3-5 may be moved into this program with permission of the CanSkate director after they have passed Pre-CanSkate). The skater has limited skating experience

Stage 2 required skills:

Forward 2 foot glide

Backward 2 foot skating/walking

Turn both clock wise and counter clock wise

Stage 3 required skills:

Forward and Backward 2 foot to 1 foot glide on both right and left feet

Backward 2 foot sit glide 

Forward 2 foot jump

Two foot turn with speed

Stage 4 required skills:

Walking crosscuts on both right and left

Backward push/glide sequence

Backward 2 foot jump

Two foot jump turn with speed


Is your skater interested in figure skating?

The Junior Development Program is a unique bridging program that allows skaters to learn about figure skating and become comfortable with using the entire ice surface before entering into private/semi-private lessons with a coach. It is suited for skaters who have successfully completed CanSkate Stage 4, 5 or 6. The Junior Development Program offers group lesson instruction that includes all ice and coaching fees. This program generally involves two on ice sessions a week, but we also offer a one day option. It focuses on the fundamental skills of skating with the goal of building strength and confidence on the ice. Skaters are taught in a small group by a nationally certified professional coach in a fun and positive environment.

What Will I Learn in Junior Development?

In Junior Development we will work largely on the fundamental skills of figure skating. We will work on gaining greater balance and strength through various activities and will improve our forwards and backwards crossovers, stroking and glides. Skaters will learn the primary figure skating jumps and spins that they will continue to use throughout their skating career, as well as field movements like spirals and drags. Upon completion of the Junior Development Program (which may take 1-4 sessions), skaters may be invited to attend the STARSkate program.



For further information regarding Pre-CanSkate/CanSkate/Junior Development/STARSkate please email the registrar at  


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